Friday, February 20, 2009

CAMINOS Event Honoring Anita Borg Institute

Last night was a terrific one for the Anita Borg Institute. The Institute, along with the organization Latinas in Computing, were honored by CAMINOS at their 10 anniversary event - Digital Decade for Latinas. We were honored for having played an important role in increasing access to technology for Latinas and minorities over the past 10 years. CAMINOS works in San Francisco's Mission District providing basic to advanced computer literacy and training courses to Latina immigrants. Their work enables these women to find better paying jobs and through their low cost computer service repair shop they make computing more affordable to low-income members of the San Francisco Latino Community.

The event was lovely. I attended along with my co-workers Jody Mahoney, Kim McLeod and BJ Wishinsky and by our CEO, Telle Whitney. Telle also delivered the keynote address. Her keynote address rocked and actually brought tears to my eyes as she shared the words of one of our past Grace Hopper Celebration scholarship winners who spoke about what it meant to her to attend our event.

The highlight of the evening is that we were awarded a Certificate of Honor signed by San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom for our work with technical women. It was big honor.

So, what does all this have to do with marketing you might ask. Quite a bit actually - being asked to attend the event was only the first step in the process. When CAMINOS contacted us I engaged with them in helping support the event. We published two articles they created in our newsletters to help them promote the event. Caroline Simard and I also acted as editors of their report "Latina Immigrants and Technology in San Francisco's Mission District (1999-2009) A Case Study on CAMINOS-Pathways Learning Center. And ultimately - my final role was as speech editor and advisor to Telle as she crafted her keynote address. And now, the day after -I'm writing an article for our newsletter about the event and the great honor we received.

Have a great weekend everybody. Look for my Oscar review on Monday.

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