Friday, March 20, 2009

Marketers Week in Review

I'm all alone in the office - the rest of the team is either on vacation, out at meetings working from home or headed out to start their weekend early. I realized I hadn't posted since early this week and I thought perhaps y'all would be interested in what I worked on this week. Here's my list:

  • Finished the scripts for our 3 Women of Vision Winner videos and met with my producer. They will do a rough narration and start laying out the footage. In about two weeks I'll be editing videos.
  • Created an Ad for Women of Vision for the Silicon Valley Biz Journal
  • Created an Ad for GHC for Diversity Careers
  • Edited a new datasheet for GHC Academic Underwriters
  • Wrote and published a press release on GHC Scholarships
  • Laid out our ABI Newsletter - including editing or writing articles, etc.
  • Updated our newsletter distribution - we had 63 new people sign up to get it in less than 2 weeks!
  • Created 3 handouts for Savvy Geek Chix and met with the members of the panel I'm moderating.
  • Tracked the articles that we published this week
  • Coordinated two press interviews
  • Helped my CEO rehearse for her upcoming speaking engagement at HPCC next week
  • Posted two Fast Company Posts this week
  • Attended a lot of meetings

So it was a busy week but many of our weeks are like that. I guess you might say its the typical week of a Non Profit Marketing Director. Who is now going home to a weekend of knitting, reading, visiting with friends, hiking and finalizing the newsletter. Cheers.

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