Thursday, March 26, 2009

Movie Review: Duplicity

I took a mental health day yesterday. I was, quite frankly, wiped out from our Savvy Geek Chix event on Tuesday night. The event was great but doing the Resume Clinic and moderating the panel, all after working a full day - well suffice it to say I was tuckered out. So after lunch with one friend, a little shopping at Michaels for crafty goodies, I headed to the movies with Marina to see Duplicity.

I'm not sure I can even do a summary of the movie and do it any kind of justice without giving away all the intricate plotting. From the commercials you know Julia Roberts and Clive Owen are former spies plotting against (or perhaps with) each other and working for rival companies (or is it the same company)? Suffice it to say that the twists and turns of this movie are what make it really entertaining and engrossing. I will confess that at one key point Marina and I turned to each other simultaneously and said at the exact same time - "I'm confused". Then we both laughed and kept on going. And yes at that moment all I could think is "What????" But if you stick it out all is made clear at the end. And along the way you get an incredibly well acted and entertaining movie. Julia Roberts was good - still the movie star with the mile wide smile though I couldn't help but wonder if she'd somehow had her lips done - they looked a little over inflated and less well defined than they used to. And since they did A LOT of closeups of her you did spend a lot of time seeing her mouth.

Clive Owen on the other hand was a revelation. I've had a passion for all things Clive ever since he first appeared on the screen in Godsford Park. He's a lovely lovely man who only gets better with age. He looked equally good in impeccable suits or jeans or a towel. And he's funny, charming, and gorgeous throughout. People Magazine's review nailed it in one line - Clive Owen is sex on a stick.

So I give this movie a big definitely go see it. And yes, take your significant other - they'll like it too.

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