Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Movie Reviews: The Proposal, Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen, My Sisters Keeper

You may be wondering what the three movies I've listed in the title have to do with each other. Well, they were the movies my friend Kathy and I watched over the 4th of July Weekend - which seems like eons ago. In fact so long that I didn't want to write three more reviews but rather do them all at once.

The Proposal: We saw this movie for two reasons - Sandra Bullock (we just love her) and Ryan Reynolds Abs. The movie is a light puff piece - perfect for a very hot (it was over 100 that week) Saturday afternoon. The plot was horrible boss convinces her secretary to marry her so she can stay in the country; he takes her home to meet the family; hilarity ensues. We liked the movie but if you haven't already seen it save the $10.75 and Netflix it. Note: Betty White steals the movie from them both.

Transformers 2: Revenge of the Fallen: I liked the first Transformers movie - but I saw it on a really hot day and dehydration may have played a part in my enjoyment. I was well hydrated for number 2. The movie was very very very busy. Lots of running, lots of stuff blowing up. The problem I had was that there was no character development and I frequently had a hard time telling the difference between the good robots and the bad. So it was very hard to know who to cheer for during the various fight scenes. We came out of the move fairly positive but over time I just look back and can't possibly tell you a decent plot summary. Suffice it to say Megan Fox did little but look hot - it's amazing someone can run forever in the desert, never get near a bathroom and still have their makeup intact. Shia LeBoeuf didn't have much to do but run around and scream the names of various robots. All in all - Netflix it.

My Sisters Keeper: I knew I could never get Mike to see this one. And I had the advantage/disadvantage of having read the book the movie was based on. It's a weeper - somewhat manipulatively so. Basic story is that a young girl is dying so her parents have another child that they genetically engineer to be the perfect donor. And eventually the engineered daughter rebels and hires a lawyer - a terrific Alec Baldwin - to defend her from her parents. Cameron Diaz does a great job as the mother who is such a control freak that she would willingly force her daughter to donate an organ without ever considering the damage it is causing. The movie does have a very different ending than the book - and they've changed the motivations of the daughter as well so it was a surprise ending for me. All in all a good movie. Bring tissues. I would say Netflix it though - no need to see it on the big screen.

I think I'm all caught up for the month on movie reviews. Back to Marketing.

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Himu said...

Me too think that transformers 2 is not good than the first one :)
on this one the action and the Megan fox was good,story was really bad
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