Friday, December 19, 2008

Doing Good at the Holidays

This will be my last post until I get back from my vacation. I'm journeying to the frozen north - Rochester NY- and I will be staying with a friend who has dialup service - so doing anything more than checking email will be close to impossible. And I'm deliberately cutting ties by leaving my laptop at home where it will get a much deserved rest.

The last week has been filled with many interesting stories of giving. We've had our own donors step up and make highly generous donations. And the people I work with have all told their own stories of trying to make a difference this year.

One woman and her family make a vow to do one thing each of the 25 days - whether it is buying a sleeping bag for a homeless man on the streets in SF or giving some coins to a bell ringer. Another picked cards off the giving tree and bought warm coats for some teenagers. Another worked at a fund raiser for her daughter's school. Everyone is doing what they can.

I applaud the good that everyone does at this time of year and remind you that given these economic times we should all strive to do something good for someone every day. It is by working together that we will come through these difficult times.

Happy Holidays

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