Friday, January 9, 2009

Editing the Edits

When doing a newsletter there are two things I've learned are very important - the first is that you definitely need to have a second set of eyes read it and the second is that no two people will edit the same item the same way. Our most recent newsletter was sent for review to 4 people - and everyone came back with completely different edits. One wanted content added, one thought the piece was too long and wanted it shortened, one was horrified at my lack of commas and put more in, the other took commas out.

So my next step is to print all 4 sets of edits and sit down with the original and just make a choice. Do I add a comma or take it out? Do I hunt down new content? What does the overall piece look like? Should I rearrange the articles so they go long, short, long, short? At the end I'm satisfied that we have a newsletter that's informative, well written and relatively free of flaws. I know some who would be horrified at my unwillingness to strive for absolute perfection. But this newsletter goes out on Monday and on Tuesday I'll be asking what should go in the next one.