Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Marketing of Hope

Today is the inauguration of the 44th President and I will admit - I am a fan. Not only of the man but also of his organization. Barack Obama exemplifies every PR person's dream - an executive who stays on message. And the culmination of this was his inaugural address - he was clear, well spoken (unlike 43 who could seldom do a sentence without hesitation - these translated into pauses for emphasis (and applause) with Obama, and highly impactful. Obama didn't sugar coat anything - he told us we're in trouble, he identified the trouble spots and he said we're going to fix them and go back to being the greatest country in the world. In other worlds he gave us hope. And we love him for it.

While the last administration never could seem to tell us the truth about anything, Obama told it to us straight. And while the last administration violated the constitution you got the sense that Barack would lay down his life to defend it.

So did he sell me, yes absolutely. His 2 year campaign has come to both an end and a new beginning. And now we can only hope that he delivers what he sold us and not vaporware.

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