Thursday, January 8, 2009

Generating Content

One of the challenges I face in marketing is generating content. The demand for content is endless. I currently do a newsletter and a call for action every month. Each has roughly 8-10 articles/notices. Then we have a blog that is on our website -which is open to all of our team to post to. We have a Fast Company blog that I edit for its two authors Telle Whitney and Caroline Simard. And we now have a monthly column that will run in And in addition we have press releases, info for the website, and articles that I submit to publications - one was recently published in Positively Magazine.

I look at this list and think yikes quite honestly. But yet we get it done month after month. And the question arises about what do we do for our website and what do we do for other organizations. I've thought on this quite a bit and I realize there is no right answer. My job in Marketing is to raise visibility and facilitate communications with both our existing constituency (hence the newsletter) and the world at large (everything else). So the content that is created goes wherever the need is.

I'm working on a content plan for the year so we can have themes for each month - enabling us to use the research and material already gathered in many ways. Suggestions are always welcome.