Friday, January 16, 2009

Finding a Theme

One of my challenges as we kick-off 2009 is the need to create a theme for each month of the year. Last year I felt our newsletter may have become a bit too program heavy and didn't include enough articles. We had our Ask Jo column and each month I was struck by the fact that Ask Jo was the number one click through in our newsletter was Ask Jo. I've seen people blog about the column as well. And this year we have not only two newsletters per month but I am also writing a column for Cobol Magazine on behalf of the institute and we have our Fast Company blog plus the ABI Blog as well. So to get our staff more engaged as well as our advisors I need to create a theme around each month - so that I can go to people and say here are our themes and months - can you write about fear for me in October or Role Models in April?

The hardest part is not finding themes but rather having so many themes and not enough months. A good problem to have.

January was National Mentoring Month so that became our theme. And it's been great - we have multiple Fast Company blog posts on the subject, a newsletter article, the column is done and our ask Jo will include it as well.

Next months' theme - stay tuned.

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