Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hitting 400 in LinkedIn

About a week ago I realized that I was at 388 connections in LinkedIn. Ever the completionist (and a big fan of numbers ending in zero) I made it my goal to hit 400 in the next week. So how did I go about it? First I went to the LinkedIn contacts section and looked at people that LinkedIn thought I should know. I was glad I did - a number of old friends from graduate school and some of my early jobs had joined LinkedIn and I immediately connected with them. I also realized that I hadn't connected with everyone I had worked with at our recent event -Savvy Geek Chix. So I sent invitations to all of them. And I reached out to people I had connected with on Facebook but not on LinkedIn - hey if they are my Facebook friends then LinkedIn is a logical step.

And all of these worked. Last Thursday I rolled over to 400 connections. So, what does that mean to me? Well first off I love being connected to everyone - periodically I like to scroll through and just drop people notes and greetings. And given these dark economic times it's always good to have a way of keeping track of people - everyone's job status changes so quickly. I feel a little more secure in knowing that people have linked to me, recommended me in some cases and are there for me -just as I am here for them if I can be of any assistance.

Of course now that I'm at 400 and breathing a sigh of relief to have reached that number - my newest invitation to connect has arrived - number 401. So on we go to 500. Cheers.

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