Sunday, April 5, 2009

Speaking Engagement: The Imposter Syndrome

On Saturday I am driving up to Sacramento to present on the Imposter Syndrom at a gathering of SWE's Sacramento chapter. While all presentations are a little daunting this one is more so because the persentation will take place at a picnic in the park so I will not have my crutches - the thoughtfully laid out powerpoint slides, charts, graphs, tables or cute cartoons that will illustrate my points. So I am reliant just on the words of my notes on the sheets of paper I'll carry with me.

The material for Saturday is so interesting that it seems to be laying itself out - my research on the topic - how people can believe themselves to be imposters at their jobs - is fascinating. I'm hoping the material I've gathered and the dialogue at the event will combine to make an entertaining and educational hour. Now I just need to find another 4 solid hours this week to nail the whole thing down. A great trainer once told me - for every 1 hour you are presenting spend 8 hours on preparation. I was able to spend 4 solid hours this weekend but I still have a ways to go. So fingers crossed as I prepare for Monday.

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